5 Top Tourism Destinations for 2016

onsThere are thousands of places worldwide that you can visit for breathtaking experience with your loved ones, or even when unaccompanied. Some of these tourism destinations are adult-only travel places while others are all-inclusive vacation destinations for people traveling with families. Here are the 5 top tourism destinations for 2016 that you should make an effort of visiting.

Best Tourism Destinations for 2016

1. The City of Vienna, Austria

The Austrian city of Vienna is one of the most visited tourism destinations in Europe. Most people travelling to Vienna spend their time collecting art pieces by visiting famous museums such as the Leopold Art Museum located at the heart of Vienna. This museum attracts more than 2 million international visitors every year. The museum has collections of artwork from some famous Austrian painters that stretch as far as the early days of the eminent Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the later years of the reign of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi dictator who made Vienna his throttle-hold with his dogmatic ideologies. In Vienna, you can also visit the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, ski the Alps or watch opera music at The Staatsoper Theater. There are also numerous attraction zoos, attraction parks and cultural restaurants scattered across the big Austrian city.

2. The City of New York, United States

New York catches the attention of travelers mainly due to its amazing State parks that not only make the city beautiful but also create a relaxing atmosphere away from the busy streets and crammed up traffic of the central business district. Some popular New York parks include The Central Park, Syracuse Park and Rochester Park. In addition to beautiful parks, tourists visiting New York can visit the Montauk Yacht Club Resort on Long Island, where thousands of people come every year to enjoy life and make new friends. Live band entertainment by some popular local and international musicians will make your experience much more memorable. Zoos, theaters and first-rate eateries are also in abundance in the US city of New York.

3. The Himalayas, Nepal

One of the best places to visit for backpackers is the rocky mountains of Nepal. The Himalayas, as they are widely known, stretch from the west to the east of Nepal, covering much of the country in the process. You can trek the Everest with a group of locals or choose to visit the local jungles inhabited by wild elephants and tigers. In Nepal, you can also enjoy the cultural diversity of the local Nepali people thorough music and local food cuisines. Hiking the Himalayas is one of the popular tourist activities in 2016.

4. Peru, South America

The Peruvian tourism sector has in the last few years put forward some exceptional measures for travelers coming to the country to enjoy remarkable attractions at relatively low costs. Peru is home to contrasting topographical conditions that include the Atacama Desert, a stretch of the Amazon Jungle and a coastal climate the stretches from the north to the south of the country along the Pacific Ocean. Some attractions in Peru include the white sandy beaches along the Pacific Ocean, annual car racing activities in the hot Atacama Desert and backpacking activities in the Amazon jungles that stretch all the way to Brazil.

5. Kenya, Africa

Highly regarded as the best Safari destination for 2016, Kenya provides some breathtaking scenery and attractions that are worth visiting and seeing. The coastal part of the country along the Indian Ocean is covered by white sandy beaches with sweet blue waters. In the interior parts of the country is the Masai Mara game reserve that is home to hundreds of wild animals including lions, elephants and giraffes. The annual migration wildebeest across the Mara River is spectacle worth seeing. The lake city of Kisumu in western Kenya is also emerging as a top tourist attraction for cultural showpiece of the local Luo community. The capital city of Kenya, Nairobi is a focal telecommunication hub in the region and one of the most frequented destinations for corporate events in 2016.

These are the top tourism destinations for 2016 spread across the major continents. Remember to check with the local travel agents to find other major attractions that are not listed here so as you can fully enjoy your stay at these top travel destinations.